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Kaye Sitchon

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2022

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Since people take data privacy seriously nowadays, one of the best ways to get followers for Instagram and do market research anonymously is to use Instagram reviewer apps.

Instagram viewers allow you to gather information on potential clients by making it possible to check photos and posts without sending a follow request. Read on to find out more about these nifty Instagram tools.

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What Is An Instagram Viewer?

Instagram users share new information on Instagram every moment of the day, and whether they admit it or not, they try their best to attract more attention. Posts, Stories, Reels, and videos that rank high in engagement rates are the best ones to study especially when you’re trying to improve on your Instagram strategy. However, no one wants to be a stalker, right? This is where Instagram viewer tools come in.

An Instagram viewer is an app that gives you viewing access to both private and public Instagram accounts without sending a follow request. You can scroll Instagram without having to register for an account. These tools help you improve your stealth Instagram game even without logging into your account. This is why the Instagram profile viewer or story viewer is an innovative Instagram tool for your brand’s growth strategy.

These tools work through the Instagram API or “Application Programming Interface” that makes it possible for programmers to build separate applications that customers can use to view pictures, comments, likes, tags, and other IG information. They work by pulling information from Instagram and turning this into a single searchable database for users.

While these apps do not necessarily disclose any private information, they help you find details that are not easy to track on your own. You can also watch people’s stories without them knowing to gather meaningful information for your Instagram marketing goals.

Why And When To Use An Instagram Viewer

There are a lot of reasons you might want to view Instagram anonymously. You can view the Instagram profile of a potential company or employee that you are planning on working with for brands and businesses. Usually, doing some research anonymously before starting that working relationship with a partner or influencer will help make such a critical decision to form collaborative partnerships.

To find out more information about anyone or any brand on Instagram, monitor their Instagram Stories more than their feeds. Instagram Stories have the most popular content on the platform with engaging graphics, video, gifs, and more. Because users know that Stories will disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Stories’ content is more raw than the typical feed posts.

Using an Instagram Story viewer also allows you to avoid running the risk of browsing and liking a post or comment accidentally. Browsing Instagram anonymously is a legal, safe, and simple way of enjoying everything about Instagram without unnecessary mishaps.

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The 10 Most Popular Instagram Viewers

On Instagram, almost all influencers and celebrities get connected with their followers by sharing their social life. Finding out what types of posts or stories work effectively for these high profile individuals is something that businesses, marketers, brands, and bloggers would want to know so they can apply it to their own content strategy. This is even more possible now, guilt-free, thanks to these 10 Instagram viewer apps you need to have a go at.

1. Picuki

As an Instagram editor and viewer, you can use Picuki to browse and edit Instagram stories, profiles, posts, followers, tags, and location for an unlimited time without logging in. Picuki allows you to check your posts and the followers and profile posts of your friends. You can even check on the profiles your friends are following.

Picuki is a web tool that you can use for free. What makes this app even more interesting is that you can edit Instagram photos and then download them to share with your contacts. You can also explore trending Instagram content (profiles and tags) in one place.

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2. Inflact

Inflact stands out as an Instagram viewer app, Instagram Story viewer, and photo downloader for Instagram that you can use for free and for an unlimited number of times. You can view all active Highlights and Stories of any public Instagram account without a trace simply by typing in the profile name in the search bar.

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You can enjoy viewing Instagram posts of users without signing up and view the content of users who blocked you. Plus, since Inflact is an Instagram Story viewer, you can even save a Story to any device in one click and download Story updates automatically.

Also, Inflact’s innovative Story Viewer for Instagram tracks every new Story a user you monitor has uploaded for a subscription fee. You can monitor up to 100 profiles and have their Stories collected in your Inflact profile. Subscription tariffs for the autosave range from $3 a month for three profiles, $9 a month for ten profiles, and $49 a month for 100 profiles.

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Lastly, Inflact is also an Instagram photo downloader. You can save IG photos and videos from your Instagram account or any public one at that. The downloaded pictures and images will be saved in their original quality.

3. SmiHub

SmiHub is an Instagram viewer and analyzer. Its algorithm gives users the possibility to analyze your brand or another brand’s Instagram statistics. You can also anonymously explore and monitor Instagram content without logging in.

With the available statistics, you can explore Instagram profiles, hashtags, stories, followers, stories, locations, and more. You also have the option to download Instagram stories, videos, and photos for free in an unlimited amount. SmiHub is a social media research web app that analyzes the social media influencer (SMI) climate as a marketing tool.

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4. StoriesDown

The free web app tool, StoriesDown, will let you enter any Instagram username and will fetch data on recent posts and active Stories of that account. Similar to other Instagram viewer apps, this works only on public Instagram profiles. If a profile is private, you won’t be able to get info on posts or stories.

One great feature of this app is that when you click on the Stories tab after typing in the IG username, a link is made available for you to download that Story. You’ll also know when the Story was posted.

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5. Gramhir

Gramhir is both an Instagram analyzer and viewer. Their algorithm makes it possible for you to analyze your own or another person’s Instagram account stats. You can see the account rate that shows how popular an Instagram account really is. When you access Gramhir’s site, popular Instagram profiles statistics show up instantly.

With statistics, exploring Instagram profiles, hashtags, followers, posts, stories, locations, and all the good stuff is more than possible. You can predict how many likes and comments you can expect on your new uploaded posts because of the access to statistics.

Of course, exploring and monitoring another brand’s or company’s IG content is done anonymously in an unlimited amount. Gramhir is a free web tool where you can share content easily with your friends on social networks.

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6. Instaxyz

InstaXYZ is a fast, secure, and free Instagram viewer tool. With it, you can check all Instagram accounts and hashtags and also be able to view all media, comments, and stats.

When you access the site, you’ll see a shortlist of popular tags and Instagram users. This way, the amount of time you spend thinking of which account to monitor or benchmark is put to a minimum. That hashtag list also makes it easier for you to know what to create content with. Your brand will always stay relevant

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7. Fullinsta

Another great way to view any Instagram profile, videos, or photos is Fullinsta allows you to browse Instagram as a guest so you can peruse and enjoy a lot of what Instagram has to offer.

It’s a web-based Instagram profile viewer that uses the principle of Instagram API to show users and viewers their desired content. Note, however, that this isn’t a registered and certified product, but with Fullinsta’s help, you can browse Instagram safely.

To use, open the website link and type the Instagram hashtag or handle you would like to browse through. The matching account will then be available, and the complete profile will open. This Instagram viewer is an easy and convenient way to see the content of any celebrity, public figure, and brand.

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8. IGLookup

IGLookup is an Instagram viewer app you can use if you want to view private Instagram photos of any Instagram handle without sending a request. You can quickly check on their photo updates anonymously.

The free web-based Instagram profile viewer assures that their tool is legal, safe and secure and most importantly, easy to use. You don’t need to download any software.

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9. Watchinsta

Instagram profile viewer tool Watchinsta allows you to see pictures and videos of any Instagram profile with its software-integrated website. You can view IG profiles on any device or operating system for free, both private and public.

What’s good about this app is after browsing private media, you can export them in a .zip file. Watchinsta makes it possible for you to recover or retrieve files and messages. Plus, the app checks for updates automatically since developers seek for best drupal hosting for an ideal experience and to improve their site performance..

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10. InstaDP

InstaDP is a free web-based tool that goes beyond being an Instagram profile viewer and Instagram story viewer. The app is also an Instagram Reel viewer, Instagram post viewer, and Instagram Stories downloader.

If, for example, you want to see a brand or personality’s post in full size, this app is what you need. This Instagram viewer lets you zoom in on the profile picture in its original size. This feature is helpful if you’re trying to figure out who a particular Instagram user is, especially that IG profile pics are too small. Whether you use the tool in your iPhone or Android smartphone, you will always receive full-size HD posts.

Downloading Instagram stories is also made possible by this tool. Simply enter the username of any IG handle, run a search, and download. If you want to have a collection of all the posts and stories you like, InstaDP’s collections feature is available. It’s similar to Pinterest boards on Instagram. You can create albums and add your favorite posts.

The best thing about this is this feature is entirely private. No one sees your collections, nor will anyone receive notices for pictures you save.

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Without a doubt, Instagram users value their peace of mind and privacy on Instagram. The advantages of anonymity work for everyday users and content creators and strategists. Instagram viewer tools make it possible for both ends to use Instagram professionally and personally while valuing each other’s privacy and enjoying the best Instagram has to offer.

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