Redirecting (2023)



1. Indiana chemical plant leak causes yellow plume
(Redirecting-Proverbs 31 School of Wisdom)
2. BIack men are better at kiIIing each other than the K K K, Judge says
(Redirecting-Proverbs 31 School of Wisdom)
3. BIack Man SH00TS his Roommate & Throws the B0DY in a Trash Can After an Argument over $10
(Redirecting-Proverbs 31 School of Wisdom)
4. Nuclear plant in Minnesota leaked 400,000 gallons of radioactive water
(Redirecting-Proverbs 31 School of Wisdom)
5. Responses to The Demolition of African American Houses in Ghana From Owners & Those Involved
(Redirecting-Proverbs 31 School of Wisdom)
6. Redirecting standard output in C
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